This 2 part wood panel is in memory of those we lost due to police violence and those who suffered injustice by the hands of our justice system. Don't stop yelling, screaming and saying their names. Let's avoid getting comfortable and losing sight of the goal. Rest in Paradise Kings and Queens. Black Lives Matter Period. Straight, Trans, or anyone Black. You Matter!


Sandra Bland                       Oscar Grant

Philando Castile                 Trayvon Martin

Kalief Browder                    Rekia Boyd

George Floyd                      Eric Garner

Sean Bell                              India Kager

Mike Brown                         Tiara Thomas   and too many more. 

"Scream Their Names!" Wood Panel

  • 33.5x48 inches (HxW). Top board is 1/4 thick and base is 5/8 inch. Coated with resin. 


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