Head only. Character will be done in OG's Style (Big Eyes, small nose and full lips are characteristics), please understand this. No full body characters will be completed, If a full body photo is submitted, only the head will be completed. This listing is also used for product stickers, one image per sticker. THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS A LOGO. If interested in more than one image, please submit form on contact page or email at customerservice@ogpennyproud.com for a quote.

OG Style Custom Cartoon Head

  • The character will be sent as a PNG (JPEG as well) via Dropbox (your email address is required). This is NOT intended to be used as a logo. If you would like to use it as a logo, an additional fee to be vectorized will be charged.  Please send photo reference to customerservice@ogpennyproud.com. Please allow time to complete the project. OG will be in communication with you about turn around time, based on workload and complexity of your order. 


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