Yet another rebrand?!

Is it time for you to rebrand? Too many things going on?

Out with the old and in with the new! I want to start off by first saying, IT IS OKAY to rebrand if you need to! Nothing is ever perfect the first time! If you are one of the loyal OG Penny supporters, then you might've noticed a shift in the past few months. The saying goes when a woman cuts her hair that she's about to make a big life change. Well OG Penny has "cut her hair" in a sense and its time to make that life change.

So if you're new here, let me give you a little short, cute backstory. I am OG, the creative behind the OG Penny brand. OGP is pretty much all of me wrapped up in a cute little (but mighty) package. OGP is a collection of all the pretty things that I like to draw and paint. It's a look into the creative side of my otherwise, rather plain life and lifestyle. My art doesn't necessarily fit in one cute box in regards to style, it just makes sense. I started out doing ALOT of fan art but as I have been discovering myself as an artist more and more, I have been trying to carve my own little lane. And that's how we ended up right here at yet another rebrand *le sigh*.

According to Le' Google and my brain, there are some signs that come about when its time for you to rebrand. Lets talk about those.

1. When you start to look like everyone else

This one is big for me. I'm overly obsessive about not copying someone or just not being recognizable. That may seem crazy because as we know nothing is new under the sun. But I always want to make sure that my art stands apart from the crowd in some way. I want to create something that everyone knows beyond a shadow of a doubt is an OG creation. That's important to me. When I looked at my brand, I didn't see anything different than others that did fan art. That is step one of how I knew a rebrand was needed.

I started to look at my art itself and think, "how do I stand out?" and "how am I showing my personality?" I also looked at my entire brand and thought the same thing. I have always been the shy artist that rather sink into the background but with this brand I wanted different. I'm also the type of entrepreneur that does all of the dope work behind the scenes for both of my brands as well. But when you mention my brand, most people have no idea what I even look like. That leads us right to reason number 2.

2. When your personal brand has no voice, (or face in my case)

I set out with a few goals in mind when I decided to start my personal (art) brand. One of those goals was to put myself at the forefront of my brand and be unapologetically me. After some time of being in business, I can reflect back and say that I did a semi crappy job at that goal. Where I set out to put myself in the forefront, I naturally slid in the background as I always do. The problem with that is, it's kinda hard trying to be the Rachel Ray of the art world when no one even knows what you look like. Someone like Rachel Ray for example, is a household name when it comes to the cooking world. You see her and you know her and her brand, and all that she stands for. The same goes for one of my influences, Bob Ross. My brand was lacking those feels that they had in abundance. So it's time for me to really reintroduce myself to you guys. Does this hit home for you?

3. Lastly, the brand has expanded/ new products offered

This one is simple. I started out only wanting to paint and show you guys my adorable face. Fast forward to now, I am a full fledged boss (a big boss to be exact) and I have insight to share, planners to push, art to sell and so much more. I'm understanding more of who I am as a artist/entrepreneur and a brand. So that comes with the time to expand. My ultimate goal is to be my same artsy self but also a help and a resource to other artsy bosses like me (bosses in general as well). This means new products, blog posts, Youtube videos, and so much more.

So to close this off, expect new things around this part of town. OG Penny will be your business bestie, art bae, crafting buddy. mentor and all that good stuff. All thanks to a good old rebrand, a much needed one at that. I hope this blog post helped you to take a look at your brand and see if it's time for a rebrand for you. If a rebrand isn't needed, I still hope that you enjoyed this read. Until next time, bosses. #rebrand #boss

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