When is the right time to quit my job?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

When did you know it was time to quit your job and become a full time entrepreneur?

This is a question that I get quite often and I'm sure other entrepreneurs get this as well. My reasoning may not be enough to convince you but it's my journey. Simply put, I just knew. Have you ever been to the point where you were just so fed up with a job that you didn't know what to do? I've been there. How about feeling completely burned out after each work day that you didn't want to do anything when you got home? That was me too. We all have a breaking point. Some people may have never had these issues with a job, but they just knew that owning their own business was the goal anyway. They may have had a great job, but was still preparing themselves for their next phase in life. Whatever your reason is, is just that, your reason.

Now since I get the question all the time of my reasoning, I'll go into my story. Around the time that I started my first business, I was already working part time. Actually I was working two part time jobs. One of the jobs was a very simple job, but I had a very demanding manager. The other job was a weekend job that wasn't too demanding. I met good people, had fun, all that, it just wasn't bad at all. Now the main job that I worked during the week, like I said, was too much and I never really had any time to do my own thing. Keep in mind, I already had a business at the time. So when I got home from work, I never really had time to work on my clothing brand. On one day in particular, the difficult manager said some things that didn't really sit well with me (this wasn't the first time), and that led to me having a conversation with my husband and letting him know that I couldn't do it anymore and that it was time for me to remove myself from that situation. Fast forward, I quit that job that day and I was left without a job as a whole, because both jobs were sister companies. Long story short, I was let go off that job as well. Now I had all this free time and I finally had enough time to work on my clothing brand, so I put my all into that. Once that started building up more, I started getting more orders and my time was occupied more. I had no desire to go back to work. So I spoke to my husband and we decided that I was gonna focus on my business and that's where I've been for the past two years. And in that two years I've started maybe 3 different brands and I still have two of them (OGP is my baby love).

So now that you know my story, let's get back to the question. How did I know it was time to quit? I knew it was time to quit when I realized how unhappy I was. I knew it was time to quit when I started feeling unappreciated. Lastly, I felt disrespected constantly and that's something no one should have to deal with in the workplace. And like they say, all money isn't good money. So I made the decision to put me first. Now I know not everyone is in the position to just get up and quit, but sometimes we have to take that leap of faith and that's what I did. So how do you know when its time? Maybe it's God talking to you, maybe it's situations that come about, maybe its just a feeling. You just know, simply. I started to see my worth and it didn't lie in someone else's space or company.

The best advice I would give is to weigh your options. Make a plan. I mean really map it out. And if you're in a relationship, speak to your partner and get their honest opinion, just make sure you come with that plan. In my case, I had my clothing brand already doing fairly well and my husband supported that wholeheartedly. Support is key! Take that leap of faith. You may trip, you may stumble, you may even fall flat on your face. But who hasn't? No risk, no reward. Go for it. If you have to ask yourself if its time, it just might be. Make that plan and take action sis (or bro). You're a boss, a BIG boss to be exact.

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