Black Business Holiday Shopping Guide

This holiday season is dedicated to Black owned businesses! I have vetted, did my lil research and reached out to 15 business owners that I feel like you NEED to know. You already know me (I hope so, at least), I'm OG, the owner of the OG brand and owner/curator of BKNK Galleries. But enough about me, I'll plug my info at the end. Without further ado, let's get in these Black owned businesses and brands that need to be on your holiday wish-lists.

1. Chelle Alexis Art

Chelle is a overall BOSS! She creates beautiful, colorful art and basically puts it on everything from rolling tray sets to clothing and even stickers. She is dominating the Etsy world right now and has her hands in so many other pots. She is the originator of the "Backwoods Barbie" image that you see all over the web, make sure you give her her props for that. Check her out on OnlyFans as well. This is a "Pretty Little Boss" you want to know! (Remember that name)! She has so much in store!


2. Bites by Bebe/ Pretty Kitchen

BeBe is an amazing chef and graphic designer that constantly goes viral on Twitter whether for her delicious food posts or her comedian like humor. She is available for chef bookings and recently released her latest project "Pretty Kitchen". Pretty Kitchen was created to give well-deserving female chefs the recognition and respect that is well overdue in the industry. You can support BeBe and Pretty Kitchen by preordering her comic cookbook "Life's a Peach", a collaboration designed and created by BeBe and myself.


3. The Swank House

Swank, a self proclaimed self care artist and advocate, is the go to lady for all things involving self care. Self Care Sunday belongs to her. Sugar scrubs, bath soaks, beard balms and even clothing live on her site. Don't let me get started on her "Romantic Getaway" sugar scrub, chileeeeeee. She is rebranding and always adding new merch to her official site as well as her Etsy store for miscellaneous items.


4. CTD Philly

CTD Philly is a husband and wife team of artists by the name of Brittany and Ruben. Philly created two of the most supportive and ambitious human beings. Have you seen their art? Their art is featured on so many different items even car wraps. You can literally see their art just cruising through your city.


5. King J

Jeff aka King J creates art digitally and by hand that celebrates black culture in traditional and non-traditional ways. Using acrylic, watercolor and found objects, he emphasizes the beauty of the black experience of all shapes, sizes, gender identifications, and orientations.

All of his artwork, just like our people are one of a kind. When you buy a piece, there won’t be another like it. So if you’re looking for stickers, digital prints, small, medium or large scale works of art, Kingjbrand is your one stop shop!


6. Kr8vtravels

At this point we can all recognize that 2020 has been one hell of a year, but fortunately there’s still time to turn it all around! How does treating yourself to a much needed trip sound? Whether you’re looking for a trip that’s all inclusive mixed with a little adventure, a staycation here in the states, or a group trip with your friends that you've missed so much, Kr8vtravels is here to plan so you can play! Head over to so they can start planning your next getaway!


7. Dark Crystal Moon

It's the product photography for me! It's the support for me! It's the positivity for me! This brand and the owner are everything. I've personally been eyeing a few pieces for my little collection.


8. KimellaCo

Who doesn't love candles? And the packaging is *chefs kiss*. Sidenote: I'm a sucker for pretty labels and product pics. Hit up KimellaCo for your holiday scents and all around smell good candles.


Tik Tok: Kimellaco

9. Victoria West Creations

Talk about talent! Nia Curry is the owner/artist AND she's only 18! The heights that she is gonna go are so high. Her range is crazy. She's killing right now with her keychains featuring her Halloween art and her recent prints. Check her out on her site as well as her social media accounts.


10. GQ

GQ's style is amazing! I don't even know what to call it or what category it falls under. Its just smooth, much like his name GQ. He recently launched his online store and he deserves all the support and love in the world. He is also the kindest, most generous person I've ever met. Check out Mr. Debonair himself on his site as well as making us all laugh on Twitter.


11. Kiyona

Kiyona also known as Mochahontas and her mom own a black business as independent paparazzi consultants under the name Smith Family Jewels. They sell $5 jewelry that are nickel and lead free and larger necklace sets for $25 that are also nickel and lead free. Her mother is also a business consultant and author of a business journal. She also owns a womens' networking organization called Strictly Business Womens Network dedicated to helping women ,especially women of color, start their businesses and help push them along their way.


12. BOS Inc

Another young boss making big moves, Breeze is the owner of BOS Inc and surprisingly only 17 years old. She has been in business for almost 2 years and has been doing her thing! She has some dope tees, sweatshirts and showcases her beautiful art. I love her style so much. Make sure you go show her some love and help her sell out some of those nice tees.


13. Y-Rage

Duck is the owner of Y-Rage. Everything is tie-dyed and printed in their home office. Just look at the colors! Tie dye has made its come back!



14. Just Crad

Crad is a Canadian based artist that makes vector style illustrations. Just look at the material! I love vector style art as well! Check their store out and tell them I sent you.


15. Brown Suga Babies

BSB is an all natural, black-owned skin care line centered around black and brown babies. They have body butter for your little brown suga babies and even a ABC Career coloring book.


Thank you for reading this guide. I hope you found some amazing things to add to your personal shopping lists. Take some time to get to know these business owners, follow them on social media, shout them out and tell them OG sent you. And don't forget to show me some love as well and add any of my amazing products to those wish lists.

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